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Francis Dunnery

Francis Dunnery operates as a Multi-Media Artist. His work combines music, humor, video, literature, performance art, philosophy and blistering electric guitar.

Although impossible to pigeonhole, his work always reflects his deep commitment to personal Freedom and Individuality. His style can be jokingly brash and at times irreverent yet he’s also capable of singing achingly beautiful music. Francis first hit the public stage back in the eighties as lead vocalist and guitarist for the popular progressive rock band ‘It Bites’ and enjoyed early chart success throughout Europe and Asia. He has since enjoyed a diverse musical career spanning thirty five years. During this time he has written, produced and performed music with some of the most successful artists of his time, artists such as Led Zeppelin’s singer Robert Plant, guitar legend Carlos Santana, Squeeze’s stalwart Chris Difford, Stone Roses’ front man Ian Brown, R&B superstar Lauren Hill, Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett as well as guesting with a host of bands and artists such as Yes, Hootie and the Blowfish and played alongside musical legend Chris Squire in The Syn. Francis is also an accomplished Rock Icon in his own right, turning out more than ten engaging albums of original yet diverse compositions as well as international solo chart hits in various countries throughout the world.

Francis is also extremely proud to be the president and founder of ‘The Charlie and Kathleen Dunnery Children’s Fund’, a charity he set up to honor his parents. The CKDCF is dedicated to children’s health and wellness providing grants and donations that directly benefit the children of West Cumbria, England. Every October, Francis and his friends from around the world, gather in Cumbria for their legendary benefit concert and charity walk in support of the CKDCF. The CKDCF is widely supported throughout the world by some of the biggest names in Rock n Roll History. 

In truth, Francis Dunnery defies labeling. He’s a musicians musician, an educator, a master songwriter, a mentor and a storyteller. In fact, the legendary Robert Plant once said, “Francis Dunnery should be a public service.” For more than thirty five years Francis has created original and consumable entertainment for his fans, and this won’t stop anytime soon. From new CDs and Live Concerts to Astrology Readings, House Concerts, and the  Big Purple Castle Podcast (available on Patreon). Present day, Francis is more than ever committed to the personal freedom and individuality of himself and his audience. He continues his philosophical studies and plans on dying when he’s around ninety six. 

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